Our Value Proposition

As the most senior Disney Institute facilitating partner, Donnelly Effect leverages our deep understanding of Disney business excellence by customizing and then implementing those principles for our clients.

Disney Institute Inspires, Donnelly Effect Implements.
Donnelly Effect

Since 1997, Donnelly Effect has been improving customer experiences, the work lives of employees, and leadership effectiveness for organizations throughout North and South America.  Michael J. Donnelly, Chief Effective Officer (CEO) of Donnelly Effect, LLC leads a select team of professionals who are eager to get to know you and help you and your organization be effective.


Our Team

Our team is a network of of highly qualified, effective, experienced professionals-many of whom were colleagues while in the leadership ranks at The Walt Disney Company.  With over 150 years of combined experience, our practitioners, instructional designers, consultants, facilitators and graphics specialists create effective learning and development; resulting in clients with high-performing teams and unmatched customer experience.


Experience the Difference

Donnelly Effect approaches CX programs with deep respect for our clients, who are often challenged with many competing initiatives and priorities.  Like trying to change your tire at 50 miles per hour; changing behaviors and upskilling your workforce while continuing operations is a difficult task. Organizations who take on this challenge are to be revered.  It is with this perspective that we approach our work.