Customer Service Training

If you’re not serving the customer directly, your job is to be serving someone who is.    

Organizations want people on the front-lines to be friendly, courteous and helpful.  Experience proves that customers want these traits, and more, in the people who serve them.  What makes a customer perceive that an employee was friendly, knowledgeable, courteous, welcoming, helpful?  What is it is that makes a customer feel like they have been served well?  It is the experience that results from the aggregate of employee behaviors, actions and tone.

Traits vs. Behaviors

So, if we can ensure that our employees know, understand and practice behaviors, actions and tone; we can create a customer experience that is friendly, helpful and courteous.  Donnelly Effect customer service training is differentiated because we set expectations on how front line people interact with their customer, how managers and supervisors  lead the charge, and how internal people support the front line.

Our Customer Service Training is:
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Take the first step to igniting YOUR customer experience.  Engage with facilitators that will have your employees jazzed to implement new strategies, better understand the customer journey, and  partner with your customers for ultimate customer experience success. Contact us to learn how Donnelly Effect can help you begin your customer service transformation throughout your organization today!