Is There a Return on Investment for Customer Experience?

Posted by Mike Donnelly on September 09, 2014

Customer Experience


Could customer experience actually be considered a profit center?

Often we hear from senior leaders sharing their directives, “Margin and profit are everything, if we don’t have profitability, we’re done.” You can hear that sentiment in hallway conversations most anywhere.

This position is often used as a finite, concrete, “buck-stops- here” reason to not apply resources (spend money- allocate talent- devote time) on anything that can’t show a direct bottom line impact on profits.

Problem is: that thinking is fundamentally flawed....

What if we replaced “Margin and profit is everything” with “Customer loyalty is everything?” Can you feel the focus shift? And do you think, if made a keystone of our leadership communication, that the customer experience would elevate beyond a number on a profit & loss statement?

The ultimate business strategy involves working toward customer loaylty:

  • Customers' Intent to Return
  • Customers' Intent to Refer



Customers, after all, are from whom we earn our profits. And, if we can consistently deliver on experience, and customers consistently return, and they consistantly refer their friends, family and colleagues...voila! We've improved our customer loyalty and increased our profits.

If you want your team to deliver a superior customer experience, you must focus on customer experience...and profits on the balance sheets will follow.

Inspire your team to relentlessly focus on creating customer loyalty.

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