train the trainer

65% of employees say the QUALITY of training and learning opportunities positively influences their engagement

Improve your employee engagement, committment, workforce knowledge, and bottom line by having skilled trainers at your fingertips.  Calling on decades of Disney experience and best practices, Donnelly Effect designs your New Employee Orientation or Customer Service Training program and then teaches slelect employees to deliver this training successfully, on-demand, and cost-effectively through our World-Class Train-the-Trainer workshops!

What is Train-the-Trainer?

Train-the-Trainer is a program that prepares select employees with the skills and confidence to deliver training content.  

The benefit of a Train-the-Trainer program is that it is designed to teach your best employees  how to train the rest of the organization on specific content; such as facilitating New Employee Orientation or Customer Service classes.



What do we do?

Donnelly Effect's exclusive World-Class Train-the-Trainer: Light the Flame, Spread the Flame is a 1-3 day course designed to teach new trainers the skills they need to effectively facilitate learning throughout your organization.  

We help trainers “light the flame” of learning and they in turn “spread the flame” through training.