World-Class Customer Experience (CX): Build Loyalty by Design

How would your bottom line change if your customers returned again and again?  How would your business improve if your customers referred their friends?  What is the financial impact of doing nothing different?

Why CX?  First, it’s the right thing to do- to provide world-class experiences for your customers…and your employees.  At the end of the day, the economics of customer experience win out each and every time.  

Sadly, most organizations focus on the bottom line first and “don’t have time” to worry about CX.  

At Donnelly Effect, we completely turn that approach around and focus on delighting customers and supporting employees FIRST which we know leads to higher profits through returning and referring customers! Learn how to create and deliver a World-Class Customer Experience - designed uniquely for your organization-  through this interactive workshop. It is ideal for executives and senior leaders who seek actionable steps and real life examples to guide them through creating and delivering World-Class Customer Experiences.

The World-Class Customer Experience workshop includes a combination of presentations, discussions, group exercises, and individual projects for optimal learning.

Participants will: 
  •   Understand the “Why” behind customer experience
  •   Clarify the difference between customer service and customer experience
  •   Learn how “Everything Speaks”
  •   Identify service delivery channels and customer service language
  •   Use touchpoint mapping to identify opportunities for service


This Workshop is ideal for:
  •   CEO’s, VP’s, Directors, Supervisors and Managers
  •   Human Resources Executives
  •   Chambers of Commerce (Click HERE to download our Workshops Guide!)
  •   Membership Organizations (Contact Us)
  •   Leadership Associations (Contact Us)



Designing your customer experience [free template]