World-Class Talent Selection & Hiring: How to Recruit, Hire & Retain Right-Fit Employees

What would it look like if your entire organization was filled with your best employees?

Adding new members to your team is no small matter.  Yet, so many leaders are taking a shot in the dark when they hire because they are desperate for help. Your brand, your team, your customers and your bottom line are all counting on you to hire well.  Most leaders don’t know how to effectively recruit, hire and retain right-fit, world-class talent.  

Learn how to recruit, hire and retain world-class talent through this interactive workshop.  It is ideal for executives and senior leaders who seek actionable steps and real life examples to guide them through creating an effective and successful recruiting and hiring program for their organization.

The World-Class Talent Selection & Hiring workshop includes a combination of presentations, discussions, group exercises, and individual projects for optimal learning.

Participants will learn: 
  •   Recruit: How to generate a constant applicant flow
  •   Hire: How to make the best hiring decisions- and avoid bad ones
  •   Retain: How to get new-hires excited and engaged
  •   Leverage the power of story to optimize all three stages
This Workshop is ideal for: 
  •   Human Resources Executives, Leaders and Managers
  •   Chambers of Commerce (ClickHERE to download our Workshops Guide!)
  •   Membership Organizations (Contact Us)
  •   Leadership Associations (Contact Us)
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