World-Class Train-the-Trainer: Light the Flame, Spread the Flame

How do you get information or training out to the field in a cost-effective and timely manner?  Do you avoid change because it is too difficult or cumbersome? 

Donnelly Effect's exclusive World-Class Train-the-Trainer: Light the Flame, Spread the Flame workshop teaches select employees how to effectively deliver training content, saving your organization time and money.  Trainers are prepared to deliver content such as: New Employee Orientation or Customer Service Skills.  We help trainers “light the flame” and they in turn “spread the flame” by sharing the specific message throughout the organization.  

The World-Class Train-the-Trainer Workshop is ideal for organizations that are: rapidly growing, rapidly changing, or have multiple locations, and includes a combination of presentations, discussions, group exercises, and individual projects for optimal learning.

Participants will learn: 
  • The skills and confidence to deliver effective training throughout the organization
  • FLAME: The 5 Essential Skills for Effective Training Delivery
  • Classroom management, engaging participants, facilitating learning, activity implementation, trainer behavior, check for understanding, coaching and feedback 
More resources:
 Workshop options: 
  • 5-day New Employee Orientation Train-the-Trainer Certification
  • 5-day Customer Service Skills Train-the-Trainer Certification
  • 1-day Train-the-Trainer: Skills (using your content)
  • 2-day Train-the-Trainer: Skills (using your content)
  • 3-day Train-the-Trainer: Skills (using your content) + Certification

Learn how you can bring World-Class Train-the-Trainer to your organization!