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CASE STUDY: A Casino Customer Demographic

Increasing the quality of service to their most profitable guest demographic

About The Casino

A national gaming company used The Donnelly Group to increase the quality of service to their most profitable guest demographic.

One of the top-performing commercial casinos in the United States, this gaming complex entertains 10M+ guests per year and earns over $650M in gross revenue.

Industry:  Gaming

Location: East Coast, United States

Employees: 3,070

Visitors:  10M+ per year

Before The Donnelly Group: Shorter Guest Stays and Lower Profits Plagued by Bad Employee/Guest Interactions

Our casino client grappled with unintentional employee/guest interaction failures. For example, employees needed to be made aware of cultural norms they (unknowingly) misunderstood. As a result, many aspects of the business were on a downward trend: comment forms hinted at disappointment, guests didn’t stay as long at the gaming tables, and revenue was lower than projected.

With The Donnelly Group: Guest Feedback Improved by 27%

Custom and culturally mindful experience training for front-facing employees and leadership personnel

What works for one organization doesn’t work for another. To ensure memorable guest interactions with an intent to return, organizations must start at the core. The Donnelly Group researched, designed, and implemented inspiring customer service training for all front-facing and leadership personnel. This training was specific to the casino, focusing on how to delight and serve a particular customer population.

As a result, the casino noticed a larger percentage of the demographic returned to play the games. Guest comment card feedback also improved by 27%. But perhaps most interesting, guests began leaving bigger tips as employee morale improved with their newfound skills and confidence in serving this population.

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