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Who We Serve

Serving a wide variety of destination clients

Who We Serve

Finding the right customer service development partner for your destination location is incredibly challenging.

You want a company that understands your business, speaks your language, and has the experience and track record to successfully change organizational behavior. The stakes are high and you deserve nothing less than excellence.

At The Donnelly Group, we know that responsible, engaged, inspired leaders attract and grow responsible, engaged, inspired employees who work happy and consistently delight customers, which creates customer loyalty and improves business results. The Donnelly Group serves a wide variety of destination clients including:

      • Museums
      • Casinos/ Gaming
      • Retail shopping
      • Hospitality
      • Transportation

What are your service goals?

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We Serve:

  • Museums
  • Casinos/Gaming
  • Retail shopping
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation
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We approach CX programs with deep respect for our clients, who are often challenged with many competing initiatives and priorities. Like trying to change your tire at 50 miles per hour; changing behaviors and up-skilling your workforce while continuing operations is a difficult task. Organizations who take on this challenge are to be revered.  It is with this perspective that we approach our work.

Client Case Studies

The Donnelly Group puts a laser focus on the metrics that drive customer experience. We will help you create and implement an organization-wide strategy; igniting the move from parity to exceptional, and ultimately improving the bottom line. Customer Experience IS a business strategy. Don’t just take our word for it, check out these results!

Case Study: A National Art Gallery

A national art gallery used The Donnelly Group to increase their positive-response visitor comment cards from 30% to 70%. The museum sits at the epicenter of Washington D.C. attractions. It houses a world-class collection of cultural property and priceless works of art.

Case Study: A Casino Customer Demographic

A national gaming company used The Donnelly Group to increase the quality of service to their most profitable guest demographicOne of the top-performing commercial casinos in the United States, this gaming complex entertains 10M+ guests per year and earns over $650M in gross revenue.

Case Study: Transportation Company

A Florida transportation company used The Donnelly Group to improve poor social media reviews and low customer service scores. This is a fast-growing transportation company servicing small to mid-sized independent haulers nationwide.

Case Study: Mid-Size Museum

A mid-size art gallery used The Donnelly Group to provide employees with the tools they needed to interact successfully with visitors. A museum in Washington, D.C., that houses a world-class collection of over 6,000 pieces of cultural property and priceless works of art.

Case Study: New Leader Transition

A mid-sized gaming company used The Donnelly Group to turbocharge an effective senior leadership transition. This is a mid-sized gaming and racing facility with 1,800 slot machines, a horse racing track, and a 128-room hotel.

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