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Executive Leadership Development Workshops

Improve customer loyalty and business results

Shape a Culture of Service

Ideal for executives and senior leaders who seek inspiration, actionable steps, and real life examples; our Leadership Development Workshops transfer the tools needed to shape a culture of service - with both employees and customers - which leads to customer loyalty and improved business results.

Our Executive Leadership Development Workshop Series dives into several contemporary corporate leadership topics such as people management, delivering and supporting positive customer and employee experiences, leading by design (not default), and inspiring and engaging employees.


Effective leaders seek opportunities to inspire every employee to learn, care and deliver; resulting in a stronger and more productive organization. Learn how to effectively engage and inspire people, prepare them to work happy, leverage organizational storytelling, and deliver exceptional leadership through our  interactive workshops.

Executive Leadership Training Topics:

Spark IconCustomer Service 

Build Loyalty by Design

Outstanding customer experience is a competitive advantage for an organization's brand. Learn how to optimize it and realize your potential!

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Spark IconLeadership

Inspire + Deliver

How leaders inspire every employee to learn, care and deliver; resulting in a stronger and more productive organization.

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Spark IconPeople Management 

Raise 'Em Up!

Learn how to shift from managing your staff to supporting your team and unlock your people potential. 

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Spark IconService Culture 

Improve Employee Engagement + Guest Experience

Learn how excellence becomes commonplace in high-performing organizations through common values, language and processes.

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Talent Selection & Hiring

How to Recruit, Hire and Retain Best-Fit Employees

Learn strategies and proven best practices to recruit, hire and retain the right talent that will help your organization thrive!

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Spark IconEmployee Onboarding 

Move from Compliance to Commitment

Why effective employee onboarding matters to your customers and your organization; and the strategies to make it powerful.

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Custom Topics

Your organization is unique-your people are unique.
Let us design the most effective content and deliverables to ignite positive change for your team.
All of our topics are available as a 1 day workshop, 3 day seminar, keynote presentation or online. 

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