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Signature Service Programs

Kickstart your customer service

You Do It.

If this describes you: “We have staff and the capacity to implement service improvement within our organization, we are simply seeking guidance on the process and resources”, then Kickstart is for you!

This six month program will kickstart your organizations customer service both internally and externally. Kickstart is a detailed, step-by-step program that shows you exactly what to do to implement a successful customer service program that delivers results.

You will be paired with a Disney experienced Donnelly Group consultant who will meet with you each month to introduce and explain the monthly task. You will use your resources to complete the tasks, with guidance from your Donnelly Group consultant who will check in periodically to help keep you on schedule.

Six Steps, Six Months:

  • Month 1: Communicate goals, process, and expectations with your organization
  • Month 2: Involve your people in the process and outcomes
  • Month 3: Create the vision of success, and set the standards
  • Month 4: Educate your teams and share the tools and behaviors for success through learning and training
  • Month 5: Support the learning throughout the organizations people and process structures
  • Month 6: Sustain through rewarding, retraining, hiring, and messaging

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