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If this describes you: “Our organization has unique needs and we are seeking a  full service, customized program that with our input, will be created and implemented by The Donnelly Group”, then Ignite is perfect for you!

Ignite is the most immersive program, with six months of partnering with your organization to create customized content, resources and implementation. 

You will be paired with a Disney experience Donnelly Group consultant who will meet with you several times each month to move through the six steps in a comprehensive manner to ensure buy in and the most effective results. 


Six Steps, Six Months:

  • Month 1: Communicate goals, process, and expectations with your organization
  • Month 2: Involve your people in the process and outcomes
  • Month 3: Create the vision of success, and set the standards
  • Month 4: Educate your teams and share the tools and behaviors for success through learning and training
  • Month 5: Support the learning throughout the organizations people and process structures
  • Month 6: Sustain through rewarding, retraining, hiring, and messaging

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The Donnelly Group training was specific to our casino, focusing on how to delight and serve our customer population. As a result, we noticed a larger percentage of the demographic returned to play the games. Guest comment card feedback also improved by 27%. But perhaps most interesting, guests began leaving bigger tips as employee morale improved with their newfound skills and confidence.

Gaming Industry / East Coast Casino

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