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CASE STUDY: A National Art Gallery

An effective training program for security officers

About the Gallery

A national art gallery used The Donnelly Group to increase their positive-response visitor comment cards from 30% to 70%.

The museum sits at the epicenter of Washington D.C. attractions. It houses a world-class collection of cultural property and priceless works of art.

Industry: Museum

Location: Washington, D.C.

Employees: 1,125

Visitors: 1.7M per year

Before The Donnelly Group: Negative Feedback from Visitors 

The gallery consistently received negative responses on visitor comment forms–nearly 70% of all responses mentioned something negative about the visitor experience. This means that the gallery was only exceeding expectations for *30%* of its visitors! We needed a fresh, upbeat, and uplifting approach to redirect the
“Big 3” — our people, places, and processes.

With The Donnelly Group: 70% Positive Visitor Response Rate

An effective training program for security officers:

The Donnelly Group created Disney-inspired guest service principles adapted for the museum environment and used them to inform new, transformative service training.

From the Gallery:
"The Donnelly Group helped us realize that our team member’s experiences have a direct impact on our visitor’s experience.  

The Donnelly Group used classic Disney-inspired guest service training that changed the perspective of our front-line staff (both contract and direct employees) and their managers to focus on visitor experience by adapting Disney guest service principles to work in our museum environment.  

Our internal service quality improved, then our external service quality improved.  In just eight months, The Donnelly Group completely turned around our visitor comment forms from 70% negative to 70% positive."

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