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CASE STUDY: Mid-Size Museum

Providing employees the tools they need to interact successfully with visitors

About The Museum

A mid-size art gallery used The Donnelly Group to provide employees with the tools they needed to interact successfully with visitors.

A museum in Washington, D.C., that houses a world-class collection of over 6,000 pieces of cultural property and priceless works of art.

Industry: Museum, private, non-governmental

Location: Washington, D.C.

Employees: 184

Visitors: 24,000 per year

Before The Donnelly Group: Haphazard and Unclear Process for Visitor Entry

New entry processes and visitor flow requirements were difficult to communicate to visitors, especially non-English speaking guests. Employees struggled to direct the behavior of visitors, which led to confusing first impressions and sub-par guest experiences.

With The Donnelly Group: Disney-Inspired Messaging and Guest Service Principles


Proven strategies for crystal-clear messaging, not forced compliance

The Donnelly Group used classic Disney-inspired guest service imagery to provide a tool for employees to guide visitors pleasantly through their experience. These specially designed communication cards changed the entire visitor interaction from adversarial to cooperative.

Implementing well-defined processes that are easy to emulate across departments sparked positivevisitor feedback and a 40% decrease in escalated visitor incidents. 

From the Museum: "The Donnelly Group helped us realize that we could either force compliance or win the cooperation of our visitors."

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