Talent Selection & Hiring

Some estimate that employee turnover costs an organization 20% of the employee’s salary in lost productivity, lag time for replacement, upstarting and training.

The Donnelly Effect team is uniquely qualified to design your unique program that will help you recruit, hire and retain best-fit talent;  led by Mike Donnelly who hired thousands of cast members for Walt Disney World and designed an award-winning recruitment and hiring process for Papa John’s International.  We have already done the heavy lifting.  Let our best practices to work for you.


Donnelly Effect understands the challenges associated with recruiting qualified applicants in today’s challenging conditions. We also understand the need to create a consistent applicant flow.  Good news: Donnelly Effect also understands how to effectively accomplish both.

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How to not make a bad decision…better yet- how to make a great hiring decision! Most organizations miss the boat by neglecting to identify role expectations and organizational values before they choose their candidates.  Approaching the hiring process from behavior and value-based hiring yields world-class results.

Effective Recruiting Isn’t Just-In-Time Hiring


Getting new hires jazzed about your organization and their role in it begins well before their first day of work.  Donnelly Effect shares the strategies and methods of engaging and retaining the employees who will help your organization thrive!

World-Class Talent Selection & Hiring Workshop

"Unstated expectations are premeditated resentments" Mike Donnelly
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