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Are you looking for an ENGAGING keynote speaker to ignite your audience?


Donnelly Effect keynote speakers are experienced Disney facilitators and have presented organizational development, human performance improvement and leadership solutions to hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Sparking learning and action, our keynote speeches are highly interactive and often leave audiences wanting more!

Most keynote speeches are merely motivational and realistically short-lived.  Donnelly Effect’s keynote speeches not only inspire, they demand action and are game-changers for many.  As recognized experts on several organizational development and customer service topics, our presentations are relevant to any business, non-profit, sports or religious organization. The foundation of our work is about people…and if your organization is made up of people, then it’s time to SPARK EFFECTIVENESS. Check out our topics below, or CONTACT US for customized topics to meet your needs.


Customer Service:  Build Loyalty by Design 
Outstanding customer experience is a competitive advantage for an organization’s brand- learn how to optimize it and realize your potential

 Leadership: Inspire +  Deliver 
How leaders inspire every employee to learn, care and deliver; resulting in a stronger and more productive organization

Workplace Culture: Improve Employee Engagement + Brand Equity 
Learn how excellence becomes commonplace in high-performing organizations.

Talent Selection & Hiring: How to Recruit, Hire & Retain Best-Fit Employees
Learn strategies and proven best practices to recruit, hire and retain the right talent that will help your organization thrive!

Employee Onboarding: Move from Compliance to Commitment  
Why effective employee onboarding matters to your customers and your organization; and the strategies to make it powerful

Customized Topics
Each organization is unique, and we are happy to work with you to customize a keynote and/or break- out sessions tailored to your specific needs. Let's Talk.




Take a look into a recent keynote presentation by Mike Donnelly at the Marketing Mix in Brazil, sponsored by ACIC. Disney-Style Leadership lessons were shared with thousands of leaders in various industries throughout Brazil.