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Excellence Is a Habit

Mike Donnelly | July 21, 2023
Fair warning: This blog takes a bit of an existential turn. The POV? Today, I'm writing to you like I'm giving advice to one of...

The Power of Storytelling in Customer Service: Engage, Inspire, and Succeed

Mike Donnelly | June 21, 2023

In the dynamic world of business, customer service plays a vital role in building lasting relationships with customers.

One of...

Full-Circle Visitor Feedback Loops Help Refine the Customer Experience

Mike Donnelly | May 17, 2023

In an era where “experiences” are everything, destination venues are under pressure to become the outing of choice.


Everything Speaks: What Message Are You Sending Your Guests?

Mike Donnelly | April 11, 2023

Museums and galleries have a unique way of influencing the guest experience in that the engagement between the visitor and the...

Planning a Change? Prep Your Communication Strategy First

Mike Donnelly | March 8, 2023

What makes a visitor experience great?

If you polled your visitors and employees, their answers might include things like...

Cultural Property Protection and the Customer Experience: Can They Coexist?

Mike Donnelly | February 2, 2023

Recently, I attended the Smithsonian's National Conference on Cultural Property Protection.

The Smithsonian dedicates an...

It’s Time to Put a “Laser-Focus” On Your Company Mission

Mike Donnelly | January 25, 2023

Why organizations with well-defined missions achieve better results.

To connect with your customers, you need a mission and a...

Writing a Heartfelt Holiday Toast? Here’s My Toast to You This Holiday Season

Mike Donnelly | December 9, 2022

A message for you and tips for writing a holiday party toast that’s as festive as the halls you’ve decked!

The Christmas season...

The Preboarding New Hire Welcome Letter You Should Add to Your Orientation Program (Template)

Mike Donnelly | October 13, 2022

Your latest candidate signed your offer letter and agreed to a start date—congrats! Now what?

The period between accepting an...

Big Transformations Require Big Investments in the Fundamentals

Mike Donnelly | August 31, 2022

We often talk about our front-line workers and C-suite leaders, but how are we protecting our middle managers?

We ask a lot of...

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