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Spark #9: Salvage Disastrous Experiences by Offering Alternatives

Mike Donnelly | August 28, 2017

Donnelly Effect delivers 17 in '17: 17 actionable SPARKS to ignite your team for better leadership, customer and employee...

First Comes Loyalty, Then Comes RESULTS!

Mike Donnelly | December 14, 2016
Have you ever been to the food court at the mall and noticed how long some of the lines are at the restaurant windows? How do...

Employee Care = Customer Loyalty

Mike Donnelly | November 30, 2016

How Much Do You REALLY Care for Your Business?

As leaders, we spend so much time focusing on how to improve our bottom line...

Customer Loyalty is a Process Worth Defining

Mike Donnelly | November 15, 2016
We’ve all seen those storefront signs urging us to “Come back soon” or “See you again”. But what does it take for a customer...

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