“Just-in-time” is great for product inventory efficiency- it is NOT great for effective employee selection

Finding and hiring the right employees is one of the toughest challenges in business today. We hear from clients across the nation that this is the area in which they need the most help. A recent survey conducted by a membership organization in Texas stated that 68% of their membership agreed that recruiting and hiring good people was their greatest opportunity.

So- the following strategies should be helpful to every organization who hires people. And we’re betting that’s most of you!

Effective Recruiting:

  1. DOES NOT begin with a vacant position
  2. Is a mind shift- a paradigm shift, a part of the culture to always be recruiting GREAT people
  3. IS NOT stop/start/stop/start- it IS a continual effort

Bottom line: we advocate an “on-deck” recruiting system; to avoid “just-in-time” hiring


  1. You are never completely staffed:
    • people transfer roles
    • people get hired away to other organizations
    • people move; lives change, interests wane
  2. The stakes are too high to make poor, last-minute hiring decisions
  3. It is a competitive market- be sure to welcome candidate opportunities
  4. You will reduce the time a position is vacant; leading to more productivity and less profit loss

Otherwise, you only open up the possibility for the “right person” to come along when you are looking. What if he/she is there when you aren’‘t looking? Having the right person in your pocket when you are ready allows you to hand-pick exactly who you want to bring on board.

How To:

Make it known-through all of your delivery channels- that you are eager to talk with people...and the right person will be there when you are ready!

  1. At your location/offices
  2. On your website
  3. Via social media
  4. With your employees- consider an employee referral program
  5. At community meetings and events

When someone asks you if you are hiring, your answer should be “We are always seeking fantastic employees!” Recruiting these fantastic employees in todays business climate can be challenging or exhilarating. Change your mindset, follow the innovative strategies above and make the potentially challenging recruiting task an exhilarating and fruitful endeavor!

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