From ME to WE: Generosity as a business strategy [video]

Posted by Mike Donnelly on September 10, 2019

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What if instead of saying, “what can THEY do for ME?” we asked ourselves, “what can I do for THEM?”

As leaders, it’s time to consider shifting our focus to the virtue of generosity as our guiding principle. Those who infuse humanity and generosity into their personal and professional relationships are simply happier people. Organizations that focus on giving more than what is expected – authentically – enjoy more SUCCESS than those who do not.

Sadly, many communities, organizations, and leaders dismiss this simple, but invaluable insight. Yet, the virtue of generosity proves itself again and again in organizations everywhere. Teams that embrace this philosophy feel more connected, inspired, and invested in each other, as well as in the organization they represent.

But let’s be clear: leveraging generosity as a business strategy is not always about free stuff or offering discounts, it’s about PRACTICING and LIVING generously as people, acting in ways that inspire others to be better, too.Generosity in its purest form is a call to a higher standard.

Generosity is a state of mind that can be about:

  • Inspiring those around you with a word of encouragement or praise.
  • Offering your time and expertise when it’s needed most.
  • Letting people know you care with a genuine smile or timely acknowledgment.

Let’s consider the alternative.  Has stinginess or selfishness ever worked as an effective business strategy?  Customers won’t engage with businesses that don’t prioritize genuine commitments with the people they serve. Neither will teammates or employees whose leaders don’t care to build lasting bonds with their staff.

Good things happen to those that make generosity a genuine business practice. Leaders should focus on the virtue of generosity to inspire and promote a customer experience that’s differentiated from their competitors.

The video below explains the relationship between generosity and a higher standard of service. See how you can encourage your organization to foster employees who are emotionally invested in the company they represent and the people they serve.

Generosity as a Business Strategy | Donnelly Effect

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