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Are Bad Habits Hindering Your Service Culture?

Mike Donnelly | April 20, 2015

"How can I create a culture of service in my organization?"

When working with clients intent on improving customer loyalty,...

Customer Service Is NOT...

Mike Donnelly | April 14, 2015

"Customer service" is the ultimate buzzword. 

It conjures up various meanings in the minds of consumers, employees, board...

How to Sell Senior Leaders on Executing New Employee Orientation

Mike Donnelly | April 1, 2015

You see the value and benefit of world-class new employee orientation and onboarding for your organization. You know the...

This Disney Strategy Will Energize Your Service Culture

Mike Donnelly | February 9, 2015


Delivering world-class customer experiences is a direct result of reinforcing a strong culture...

"Jumpstart" Employee Programs Improve Talent Selection

Mike Donnelly | February 3, 2015

During my time as an employment interviewer at Walt Disney World I conducted thousands of interviews, or as Disney calls it,...

Leadership Storytelling: The Secret to Going From Good to Great

Mike Donnelly | January 22, 2015

At bedtime not long ago my 11- year-old was telling me he was a little nervous about going to his first day at a new school....

Effective Employee Selection Isn't "Just-In-Time" Hiring

Mike Donnelly | October 28, 2014

“Just-in-time” is great for product inventory efficiency- it is NOT great for effective employee selection

Finding and...

Think Storytelling is Fluff? Think Again...

Mike Donnelly | October 18, 2014

Several members of our team just returned from their annual pilgrimage to the National Storytelling Festival in beautiful...

Who is Facilitating Your New Employee Orientation, and Why?

Mike Donnelly | September 29, 2014

Yes, please shoot the messenger...or, just replace him with someone better qualified!

Who have you chosen to welcome new...

Is There a Return on Investment for Customer Experience?

Mike Donnelly | September 9, 2014

Could customer experience actually be considered a profit center?

Often we hear from senior leaders sharing their...

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