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[PRESS RELEASE] Introducing a Subscription-Based Service Focused on Improving Customer Service Worldwide

Mike Donnelly | July 11, 2022

Post-covid customer service another casualty of the global pandemic.

ANNAPOLIS, MD. July 11, 2022 – Today the Donnelly Group...

We’re Launching a YOU-Focused Subscription Service!

Mike Donnelly | June 30, 2022

Hyper-Personalized Learning Services are the Key to Inspired Customer Experiences: We’re Launching a YOU-Focused Subscription...

Goodbye Performance Reviews, Hello Continuous Coaching Conversations

Mike Donnelly | May 4, 2022

Almost every leader HATES doing annual reviews. There, I said it.

Way back when, companies built performance reviews...

Your 2022 Leadership Checklist: A Roadmap to Stimulate Success in the New Year

Mike Donnelly | February 2, 2022

It’s February 2022. Let’s start thinking about Christmas—seriously.

Many of us, the new year marks an opportunity for a fresh...

This Is the Message We’re Taking With Us In 2022...We Hope You Do, Too

Mike Donnelly | December 21, 2021

Do you hear it? The hum? The rumbling of an underground movement?

There is a swell underfoot. It’s a swell of eager employees...

Hot Take: Great Leaders Don’t Have Staffing Shortages Because People Want to Work for Great Leaders

Mike Donnelly | November 10, 2021

Staffing shortage? Now’s the time to step up leaders.

There’s lots of retroactive recruiting going on these days. Many stores...

3 Ways to Honor Your Employees During National Customer Service Week

Mike Donnelly | September 28, 2021

Have you heard? National Customer Service Week is October 4, 2021. Established in 1984, the week was a way to raise awareness...

“Why is My Job Important?” Key Messages to Facilitating an Inspired NEO

Mike Donnelly | September 9, 2021

When planning a new employee orientation, it’s easy to get lost in the logistics – the employee passwords, the departmental...

Key Messages & Service Scripts: The Key to Helping Your Employees Create Memorable Interactions

Mike Donnelly | July 8, 2021

Seven repetitions. Our brains only need to hear something seven times to remember it long-term. 

So, when it comes to...

A Leader’s Role in Creating a Culture of Accountability

Mike Donnelly | January 28, 2021

When leaders visualize their dream team, they envision an employee who takes control of their situation, a team that has pride...

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